Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised!

wake up refreshed in electric adjustable bed

Arise Mobility are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of state of the art adjustable electric beds and rise recliner chairs that help you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised. Recognising the vital importance of sleep and comfort to your overall health and well-being,  we provide welcome relief to customers with health ailments or simply those who value the many health benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Electric adjustable beds and adjustable rise recliner chairs can achieve the perfect positioning with the flick of a switch, whether for sleep or relaxation. Electric power action supports the neck, upper and lower back, thigh and lower leg to provide supreme support where you need it the most. Our product range provides:

  • No more restless nights tossing and turning
  • No more waking up with painful achy joints
  • No more struggling to get comfortable

Arise adjustable electric beds and chairs combine style, comfort and relief from aching joints with the added benefits of improved circulation and easy breathing. The optional massage system allows our customers to enjoy a deep therapeutic massage from their own adjustable beds or adjustable chairs.

Our wide range of adjustable electric beds and chairs are delivered to customers nationwide, although we have a significant presence in the London, South Coast, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire and West Midlands regions.