Five top tips to finding the perfect Adjustable beds

helpful tips buying riser recliner chair or adjustable bedsAs adjustable electric beds tend to be more expensive than their non-electric counterparts, it is important that you think carefully before parting with your money. Adjustable beds are known to offer a broad range of comfort and health benefits, but different models will provide diverse capabilities.

Here are our five top tips to finding the right adjustable electric bed for you:

  1. Find a vendor that delivers to your area. Some companies will deliver anywhere in the UK, while others will only ship their beds locally. Make sure you know whether your home is on the list of potential delivery destinations.
  2. Ask about the comfort benefits. While some adjustable beds provide a basic level of comfort, others offer advanced settings such as heat and massage capabilities and temperature-regulating mattress covers.
  3. Enquire about the health benefits. While most adjustable electric beds have the potential to improve your health, some will do so more than others. Top-quality models can help to improve circulation and breathing as well as easing a range of conditions such as arthritis, back pain and night cramps.
  4. Consider your budget. Of course, the more innovative the bed is, the more expensive it is likely to be. However, you should be able to find suitable option to fit most budgets.
  5. Enjoy a home trial. Some adjustable bed providers will deliver your bed to your home for a set period of time so that you can test it out at your leisure rather than making a snap decision in the store. This free-of-charge service allows you to try out your bed without even leaving the house.


Adjustable beds at Arise Mobility

Arise Mobility’s advisors are experts when it comes to adjustable electric beds. As well as providing the best beds in terms of quality, they are also fully trained to advise you on the benefits of each of its beds.

Whether you choose the affordable Emerald bed, the mid-range Sapphire Supreme or the all-bells-and-whistles Diamond Deluxe option, you will not be disappointed. Arise delivers across the UK and offers free trials to all of its customers.

Contact us now for further advice and information.

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