Health Benefits

Invest in your Health…….

Invest in Arise motion adjustable beds and chairs!

Sleep and rest are essential for maintaining healthy body function and general well-being. They boost your immune system and help your body rejuvenate, whilst repairing skin, blood and brain cells. As a result, you become more alert and concentration improves. Mood swings are also minimised, making you an all-round nicer person!

Arise motion adjustable electric beds and chairs help you get the best night’s sleep ever and vital relaxation. In addition, the advanced electronic adjustable system provides relief from many common conditions such as:

• healthy-couple-adjustable-beds-chairsTennis elbow
• Arthritis
• Varicose veins
• Sciatica
• Night cramps
• Generalised back and joint pain
• Fluid retention
• Frozen shoulder
• Heartburn
• Leg ulcers
• Asthma
• Spinal problems

The Arise motion electric adjustable beds and electric adjustable chairs incorporate state of the art technologies which provide additional relief, aiding and encouraging natural sleep cycles to ensure you wake up full of beans and raring to go!invest in yourself with arise adjustable chairs and beds

Arise motion adjustable chairs and beds provide relaxation or massage that gently cradles you to sleep or stimulates and invigorates you.

The Arise motion bed Coolmax cover helps regulate body temperature to reduce skin irritation and maintain moisture balance. The Memory Foam mattress is manufactured in the UK from high specification visco elastic foam, which moulds itself to your body to improve body position and comfort.

Our special adjustable electric beds and chairs system allows you to adjust the position of your head and neck, feet and legs and lower spine; providing absolute comfort and support.