The Benefits of Riser Recliner Chairs

You may feel that people have too many gadgets and gizmos in their houses these days, but [electric recliner chairs] are becoming an essential item for many. Those who struggle to get into and out of their armchairs are increasingly turning to adjustable seats as they provide continual comfort when they are seated and stop them feeling like prisoners in their chairs when they want to get back on their feet.

The comfort benefits

Those looking for a recliner chair usually want it to perform a variety of functions and offer some core features. It:

  • comfort benefits riser recliner armchairNeeds to support them safely and comfortably when they are in the process of sitting down or standing up.
  • Should offer various positions: feet up for reading and watching television; and fully reclined for sleeping and relaxation, for example.
  • Should be of a soft fabric with a cushioned seat
  • Should have a supportive back together with a leg rest sufficiently long to ensure that the chair is as comfortable as it can possibly be.

The danger is that while you know you can get yourself into a standing position at the touch of a button, you may be too comfortable to press it!

The health benefits

good health electric adjustable beds reclining chairsPeople with back problems and swollen legs particularly benefit from using electric recliner chairs, but they can also help to alleviate a range of other symptoms and conditions. Seats like these help to distribute your weight evenly so that there is no pressure on joints or muscles. The ability to move positions helps to avoid sores for those who are likely to remain seated for some time, and facilitates healthy blood circulation, leading to better digestion and temperature regulation, and even lowering the risk of heart problems and stroke.

The added extras

While a basic recliner chair is likely to provide the above benefits, more advanced models may offer advantages you haven’t even considered, for example memory foam seating, heat settings and even massage functions. These added extras will make your chair even more comfortable and may offer greater health benefits than standard electric recliner chairs.

Arise Mobility offers a choice of three styles of electric recliner chairs:

  • the Serena Electro‐Lift Chair, a basic model for those on a budget
  • the Nevada Electro-¬Lift Chair, a mid-level chair with five massage settings
  • the Elite Electro-lift Chair, a top-of-the range model that offers heat, massage and a range of other advanced functions for those looking for the ultimate in comfort

Contact us to find out more and to get a quote today.

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