Riser recliner chairs – a buyers guide

sleeping relaxing electric rise recliner chairIf you’ve ever struggled to get into or out of your armchair, investing in a riser recliner chair could prove invaluable. These chairs make getting up to stick the kettle on, answering the doorbell or simply stretching your legs quicker and easier. Riser recliner chairs can help to improve mobility as well as offering a range of health and comfort benefits.

Riser recliner chairs have been shown to help relieve the symptoms of a variety of illnesses and injuries, such as varicose veins, back and joint pain, leg ulcers, heartburn, arthritis and fluid retention. There have also been reports that riser recliner chairs can help to improve posture, circulation, flexibility and breathing.

Many people think riser recliner chairs are much of a muchness, but there are significant differences between budget and top-of-the-range versions and also between the various brands. That’s why it’s important to work out what features you’re looking for, before selecting your purchase.


What to look for in a riser recliner chair

Riser recliner chairs vary significantly in terms of the benefits they provide. When picking out your chair, find out whether it:

  • Offers a smooth transition from a standing to a seated position and vice versa
  • Is simple to operate
  • Supports the back and neck
  • Is comfortable to sit in for prolonged periods
  • Has an adjustable footrest that supports the whole leg
  • Enables you to adjust the chair into a horizontal position
  • Comes with a warranty


Arise Mobility’s riser recliner chairs

Arise Mobility’s adjustable electric beds offer excellent quality, aesthetic appeal and value for money. Rather than spending the day in bed because your chair is uncomfortable, our adjustable chairs provide comfort from morning until night.

  • Our most affordable model is the Serena Adjustable Chair, which features power recline, single motor tilt action and button back functionality. It comes with a year’s warranty.
  • Our intermediate model is the Nevada Adjustable Chair, which provides illuminated hand control, dual motor tilt and lift and lift to stand functionality, five massage settings and heat with a built-in timer. A five-year motor warranty is included.
  • At the highest end, our elite adjustable chair comes with added features such as a memory foam seat and waterfall back, full horizontal recline, advanced massage and heat settings and a five-year motor and two-year massage warranty.


Contact us today for more information about our riser recliner chairs.

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