Testimonials from Happy Customers

I am very happy with the goods I brought even when something went wrong with the Grande elite chair, it was sorted out in one week which was very good as two days where taken up picking it up and bringing it back again. The staff were as good as any I have had the pleasure of dealing with, which was the office staff as well as the men who delivered and installed the furniture, perfect gentlemen, thank you very much, I remain very grateful I chose your firm.

Mr Mortimer, Hull

We are completely satisfied with the chair.

Mr and Mrs West, Kirton-Boston

Nice product, delivered in good time. Fitted in good time, demo how to use was explained.

Mr Davis, Ashford

The salesman and delivery guys were very efficient and respectful.

Mr and Mrs Lovegrove, Coventry

Very prompt and cheerful delivery. Chair functions clearly explained. Having used the functions of the chair a few times, I am delighted with the effects. Thank you.

Mrs Thomas, Tumbridge Wells

The guys that delivered the mattress were very good, they were on time and very polite and helpful as they removed the old mattress for me. The only thing I am still waiting for is the vouchers.

Mr Newman, Plymouth

Dear Arun, first I must apologise for not replying earlier. I have to thank Oneil of the Arise Mobility team for all the in-depth help and advise in enabling me to choose my bed. The delivery was timely and the two delivery men were very conciseness and helpful. They were very good in explaining how best to use the controls to setup the configurations of the bed. I have been using the bed for some weeks and have found it to be very comfortable. Also I am experiencing improved sleep.

Mr Marlow, Hoddesdon

I found Mr Mendelssohn helpful, friendly and courteous. The chair was delivered, plugged in, all the unwrappings neatly removed and my old chair kindly moved into another room, all in a cheerful and quiet way. I am enjoying my chair.

Miss Mumford, Taunton

Superb bed, excellent personnel.

Mr Haughton, Coventry

Both salesman and delivery men were friendly and informative and gave a quick and efficient service. I am still getting used to the difference between my old bed and my Arise bed. I enjoy trying the different positions and massage unit.

Miss Kemplay, Bradford

Since I started using your product I have found a noticeable relief in all joints i.e. hip, shoulders, ankles or a reduction in swelling of the ankles and general well being. A most comfortable chair, thank you.

Mr and Mrs Tozer, Kent

Two very nice young men arrived about 10 minutes after phoning to say they were on their way. We are happy with the bed (not that we’ve slept on it yet!) and the team that delivered it.

Mr and Mrs Grant, South Shields

I am delighted with my bed. Both fitters were courteous and polite showing me how to operate the various positions of remote control. Thank you.

Mrs Jago, Evesham

Very good service by people who delivered it.

Mrs Wallace, Chingford

The service received from the salesman and the delivery team were more than satisfactory. They were very helpful in explaining everything and respectful when in my home, I will have no problem in recommending your company to friends and family.

Mrs Powell, Leeds

I’m happy with the mattress topper and the service I received.

Mr Williams, Rochdale

First one sent wrong size, but replaced it very quickly and hey apologized. Very friendly and helpful, thank you.

Mrs Holt, Rochdale

I am delighted with my new bed. The fact that I can raise the top so that I can read in bed without having to have lots of pillows, I then just push the down button when I feel sleepy. And then I sleep really well. Thank you for delivering it so promptly.

Mrs Gibson, Twickenham

The salesman and delivery people were very polite and helpful. Up to now I have enjoyed my massage from the mattress. Thank you.

Mrs Leek, Avon

I am very pleased with my chair. The sales lady who visited was not at all pushy, and took some time to check I understood the features of the product. I was surprised to get the new chair within a week and again the men who installed it were careful and took time to explain how to use it and move it. The chair is very comfortable. The castors are of great benefit, enabling my daughter to move it easily for cleaning. My wife and I are very much enjoying this comfortable chair, with its features of warmth and massage for additional comfort. At 91, I appreciate warmth and comfort a great deal. Additional comment from Cathy (daughter), Dad’s previous chair had removable arm and head covers which saved me from spoiling it too much, as I could wash as necessary, you might consider adding this feature for future customers.

Mr and Mrs Greenway, Plymouth

The chair came on day on the day and time given, two men very nice, friendly and cheerful, I was told how to use the controls and the whole experience was very good.

Mrs Gibbs, Maidstone

Good information from David the representative. Friendly and relaxed approach from all the team. The installers were very efficient and friendly. We both endorse the product for comfort and relaxation. A good night’s sleep! Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Buckley, Northampton

Excellent service from all concerned. Very knowledgeable from the sales rep Dean. Useful info & advice. Installation team got on with it with no frills. Passed on very helpful tips & ideas how to get the best out of the bed. Generally very good service & knowledge from the whole team. Excellent.

Mr Smith, Wednesbury

This chair works well for my condition, especially for the back and hips.

Mr Mudie, Birmingham

Very comfortable and relaxing.

Mr Richards, Ernesettle

Both Steve Ward who demonstrated the chair and explained the benefits of it, and Raj and Ram, who delivered it and explained the operation of it, were polite, patient and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Arise Mobility and their products.

Mrs Thompson, Wakefield

Having not much idea about Arise Mobility and these products I had an appointment at home to find out more, the result was me purchasing a Super Deluxe Topper with massage. The service from the start to finish was excellent. I have had the pleasure from its health benefits for over 1 week now and I am so, so pleased. At 73 years this is a new experience and a good investment I am telling all my friends now!! Thank you.

Mrs Hickman, Worcestershire

The staff/salesperson/delivery men and all concerned were very pleasant and efficient. I would definitely recommend your business in the future.

Mr Clark, Manchester

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the presentation that Joan Cross gave me today, it was excellent and such a lovely lady.

Mrs Astley, Daventry

From the very first moment that we met your sales reps, to the acceptance meeting, everything went perfectly fine. We couldn’t have asked for two nicer people than Steve and Paul. Their demonstration and sales talk were so easy to understand. Also the two men that delivered the bed were great. Nothing too much trouble for them. The bed is fantastic, my wife is able, at last, to get a good night’s sleep, myself as well. Thank you for all of the positives.

Mr and Mrs Criddle, Somerset

After initial hiccups with delivery of parts, the service was very good. The team really pushed to do the installation. We’re very pleased with the vibration and also the lifting up of the head end especially in the morning when we’re enjoying our ‘first cup of the day’

Mr and Mrs Morgan, Hendlesford

Hopefully it will help my back pain. The quality and build of the product is very good. My agent Danny Singh was very professional and courteous.

Mr Broughton, Bradford

The service from your staff was first class, very helpful, knew what they were doing and a pleasure to have them in the house, welcome to call in any time if in the area.

Mr King, Reading

I would like to say how helpful the two men who delivered my bed were and very funny and also Sam a lovely young man. Thank you all very much.

Mrs Mulligan, Coventry

Brilliant. Just the bed for me. Since using my adjustable bed I have enjoyed real comfort and have slept very well. The massage is great and helps me relax. No need for electric blanket, extra pillows and other paraphernalia. David Robinson, your representative provided an excellent demonstration and the delivery men who fitted and demonstrated the workings of the bed were friendly and helpful. Thank you one and all for helping to restore my vitality.

Mrs Greenwood, Bexhill on Sea

The whole experience of dealing with Arise Mobility was extremely positive. The sales person was clear in explaining the available products and demonstrate how the chair would function. He understood our need for a topper to be used on our boat. He was polite and not forceful in attempting to achieve a sale. Highly recommended. The product was delivered well within the time scale outlined. The delivery staff were extremely polite and explained the use of the product very clearly. Highly recommended. The product itself is fit for purpose and appears of high quality. Highly recommended.

Mr Lifford, Worcester

David Robinson came to see me about my chair and bed that I brought from you, I told him they have been good and I am very pleased with them, they made my life more comfortable.

Mrs West, Heathfield

Just to let you know that I am very happy with my chair, I find it so comfortable and relaxing. The heat mode is wonderful on my arthritic spine. Phil Jones’ demo was 1st class and so helpful. My chair is the Grande Nevada and I love it!

Mr Medley, Cheshire

Since receiving my bed I have gone down with a chest infection and I have found the bed to be to be very helpful in the fact that I can sit upright. Thank you once again.

Mrs Tarbard, Letchworth

Must state the delivery and fitting men were excellent from moving the old bed and installing the new one, then explaining the correct way to use all the systems (first class). After a week of getting use to the new bed and finding the positions for me I am getting a better sleep. The only draw back is remembering to lower the leg section every time I get out of bed. Overall very satisfied.

Mr Gotch, Northampton

Sam Tetlow arranged to demonstrate how the heat and massage from the chairs really help my frozen shoulder. He also arranged the collection of my old chair. The delivery guys were also good showing me how to build the rear seat section and giving me an extra demo of the chair.

Mr Hammond, Hinckley

I have received excellent service from both purchase and delivery men. I am totally satisfied with my bed.

Mrs Walker, Hull

If it lasts as long as our last one (12 years) I will be very happy, we have two now.

Mr Jackson, Sheffield

It is very good, and it is helping my back, I am sleeping better. I am telling my family and friends.

Mrs Lowe, Kent

I have received my heat and mobility massage chair. In perfect condition the team that installed it were very professional and demonstrated its use very well. Many thanks I feel sure it will give me many years of massage and comfort. Thank  you once again.

Mr Palmer, Essex

Everybody was so helpful, explained all about this chair to the last detail and the lady who came out to sell me the chair was really wonderful. What can say, the chair is really good and comfortable, and helps with my disability.

Mrs Ashley, Daventry

Very comfortable, very easy instruction and a joy to lie in.

Mr Gralwski, Leicester

I am enjoying the relaxed and comfortable bed. It is hard to say how much better I am sleeping since I find it very difficult to relax on my back. I am getting a better quality rest though. Thanks very much.

Mr Ducent, London

Delivered by two very polite and really helpful gentlemen and they went to great length to do a very good job. 10 out of 10, thank you.

Mrs Sewell, Maidstone

 Very satisfied with the product also with the service on delivery etc.

Mrs Kite, Leicester

Although time of delivery was supposed to be 3pm-6pm it was 7.30pm, before arrival I appreciate that was due to unforeseen circumstances. The delivery and setup was carried out in a very professional and helpful manner.

Mr Smith, Stourport-On-Severn

The men who delivered the chair was very friendly, helpful and respectful and never left until he was sure I understood how to use the chair. As for the chair itself it is the more comfortable chair I have ever sat in, as I suffer with sciatica and it comes in bouts. I find that it offers me a good deal of relief from the pain and makes it more bearable. Thanks to your company for a very good product and I will certainly recommend your company to any person looking for help with their mobility.

Mrs Power, Waltham Cross

The sales person Ben Foxall was very helpful and explained everything fully. He was very good. Also the two delivery drivers were very good also explained everything to me and were very pleasant. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Miss O’Brien, Manchester

Satisfactory, but would like it if instructions were in audio format.

Mr Baughan, Leeds

The delivery men (2) were nice, friendly and competent. The bed was as ordered with Sam and the whole ordering, delivery and installation was quick and easy.

Mrs Taylor, Leicester

Good staff in both sales and delivery.

Mr Dickinson, Goole

Very happy with the service provided. The quality of the product is delightful & I am more than confident that it will improve my mobility.

Mrs Hainsworth, Hull

Delighted! Sleeping better than I have in months and the massage is very soothing. May I say how very pleasant everyone has been, from the first contact with a lady on the phone, through the gentleman who actually sold me the bed, to the chaps who came and delivered. Lovely people, lovely bed!

Mrs Knight, Aylesbury

Good demonstration by Sam, very polite and well mannered. Very friendly. Excellent delivery service. Friendly and polite guys and good instructions of remote control. All in all very good service.

Mrs Townsend, Leicester

Very pleased with the bed so far. Also pleased with the efficiency of delivery men and their patience and explanation of the working of the bed and the massage controls. Would recommend to anyone buying an adjustable bed. Also pleased with after service when I contacted them regarding elasticised frill for the surround, and they rang me back next day and told me a website where to obtain one.

Mrs Lambrinos, Whetsone

Delivery of the chair was in the given time frame and all the workings were explained satisfactory. I have used the chair and I am pleased with the comfort and functions. As a top of the range chair I had expected the arms to have detachable covers as this is the area that is most likely to become soiled. I am using the arm covers off my old M&S – they do the job but rather spoil the look of the chair.

Mr Hillyard, Leicester

Thank you for sending two very good men, they moved my old bed and put it at the side of the house ready to be picked up. Also when putting my new bed up and showing me how to use it, thank you.

Mr Armstrong, Manchester

Paul Edmonds, your representative was very polite and demonstrated the bed explaining the functions carefully and clearly. Delivery was on the date requested and at the time promised. The old bed was moved to the garage ready for disposal and the bedroom area vacuumed before the new bed was put into position. I had a careful and clear demonstration of the rise and return to the flat position which was conducted politely and efficiently. A very good transaction on all sides. Thank you.

Mrs Boswell, Derbyshire

The service provided for the purchase and delivery of bed has been truly exceptional. All parties were very nice and helpful. I will recommend your company to as many people as possible. So far I have had the bed a week, therefore I am still getting used to it, mattress and massage.

Mrs Milner, West Sussex

Danny and the delivery men are a great, friendly team.

Mrs Dennison, Scunthorpe

The team that delivered my elite chair were careful unpacking the chair and assembling it so no damage was done the chair or components during installation. I was given a demonstration on how the remote controls worked and a list of operating instructions. The structure of the chair is solid and comfortable when used.

Mr Wallace, London

Very satisfied with the product and with the service from your staff, all of whom made sure that I understood the workings of the chair. They were both courteous and helpful.  The chair is very comfortable and easy to use and I appreciate the timer on the massage element.

Mrs Lindsay, Stratford Upon Avon

Your team were excellent and very helpful and patient and explained everything clearly to me. Keep the good work up. Best wishes and many thanks.

Mrs Jeffries, Corsham

The Arise team were quite speedy but also very careful in bringing all the units into the house. The assembly was also quickly achieved. The method of controlling the various modes of use, the height adjustment and vibration was explained thoroughly and I was made show that I understood. The bed has proved to be extremely comfortable and I am well pleased with my purchase!

Mr Sita-Lumsden, Slough

I confirm the mattress is comfortable and helpful in easing my back pain. The instructions are easy to follow. The fifteen minutes is just long enough.

Miss Macmillan, Scarborough

The service I received from your people was first class, the service I come to expect from companies like yours where you deal with people with disabilities or various problems. I will certainly recommend your company to friends if they ask me about your product.

Mrs Seear, London

We are very pleased with the chair and the service given by the delivery men. Thank you.

Mr Collings, Paignton

I am very satisfied with my chair which I received today. I would recommend this to everyone. It is very comfortable at whichever level I put it on. Trevor Bateman gave a very informative demonstration, as well as the delivery men, very helpful and explained everything and got rid of their rubbish before they left. Everyone was very polite.

Mrs Woodward, Swindon

Excellent product most comfortable I have ever used, service by the representative was well presented. Delivery men were really good, quick, and efficient and do the company justice.

Mr Wild, Wakefield

Very pleased with my elite chair. Very pleased with the help from the men that delivered it, very well explained and helpful. Tina who took the order is very good at her job and explained all that was needed, thank you for the upgrade. My friend on Facebook has asked for details of the chair, so I shall give her details and Tina’s phone number. Once again thank you for the good service. With thanks.

Mrs Newman, Essex

Very pleased with my bed and the two people who came with it were very good and kept me informed with all the things they were doing. Professional in their approach to all things with installation and paperwork. Well satisfied with all things.

Mr Hartley, Goole

Everything was ok.

Mrs Staples, Immingham

Very pleased with delivery men, they were so tired and did a good job under difficult circumstances. They need a rise and less hours.

Mrs Carroll, Weston Super Mare

I was a bit sceptical when we were contacted by Arise Mobility asking us to take part in a survey and demonstration. But however we were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Very polite and professional from the contact team through to our demonstration. The delivery was arranged around us, who were also very professional and went through the operation of the mattress fully. Now we have used that mattress massage system, note these mattresses were fitted to our existing automatic bed base, we found it very therapeutic and calming, just the job after a stressful day. As for will it help with the day to day aches and pain time will tell, here’s hoping.

Mr and Mrs Pickett, St Leonards on Sea

Mattress first class, instructions well told, very pleased.

Mr Fennell, Warwickshire

Delivered on time, very helpful with instructions.

Mr Richardson, Grimsby

Impress on time and very polite, very good instruction and two more hansom men you can meet!

Mrs Hughes, Blackburn

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the process of me receiving my chair. The first lady I spoke to was very nice and didn’t pressure me in any way. The gentleman who came to the house Dave Harris did everything in a polite, cordial and non pressurised way. Jas was amazing when we spoke on the phone and I couldn’t believe how quickly I got my chair. Lastly a very big thank you to the delivery team guys, who were very polite, patient and helpful, moving furniture, they went through everything very carefully and didn’t leave until I was comfortable with the chair. All in all it was a very nice, efficient process from start to end and no pressure what so ever.

Miss Johnston, Shotton

I am highly delighted with my chair and the other purchases I have had from you. The men delivering are always pleasant and efficient and arrived on time and wasted no time getting the delivery done smartly. Thank you all very much.

Mrs Tanner, Sheffield

Very pleased with the service received from start to finish. Thanks to all. Your delivery gentlemen were helpful in every way that they could be. Very polite, clear up as they go along which is most helpful. Also explained and demonstrated making sure you understand how the item works. Thank you once again.

Mrs Maltby, Lemington Spa

Having being satisfied with a previous purchase of a bed it gave me confidence to order three items of bespoke furniture, which I am very pleased to say suite my needs. Thank you.

Mrs Hutchison, Halifax

The service was very good; the delivery men were very helpful and polite, well done everyone.

Mrs Taber, Tamworth

First class product with first class service. I am most pleased with every aspect of this transaction and would certainly recommend the company, its staff and the bed itself. I now understand what “a good night’s comfortable sleep means”.

Mr Brown, Coventry

Both the gentlemen who came to see me showed me how it worked and the team who came to install the chair were polite, extremely helpful and patient. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their products.

Miss Brassey-Edwards, Bucks

“Just a note to express our thanks and appreciation for the professional and helpful way the chairs were demonstrated and delivered by Raj and Ram. They took time to explain everything to us”

Mr and Mrs Barlow, Nuneaton

“Mattress topper delivered at time stated. Delivery team did an excellent job. Very happy with your service, thanks for the Christmas card”

Mr Waterworth, Wigan

“Thank you Arise Mobility, two great men delivered our bed and chairs, they were friendly, careful with how they handled everything and super efficient. It was our privilege to have them in our home, and they explained carefully by demonstrating to us the controls and how everything operated”

Mr and Mrs Beevors, Beverly

“Thank you for the excellent service surrounding my order and receipt of my bed. Just one thing – I think customers should be clearly informed not to organise a valance to cover the base. I went out especially to buy one as the new bed is not the same size as the old one, and had to go out again on Tuesday to return it. I hesitated for ages about changing the very old bed but am sure I’m going to benefit from all the new one offers. A pity it can’t make me a cup of tea as well!”

Mrs Phillips, Harrow

“Dear Sirs, Please be informed that the delivery men were efficient, polite and on time”

Mrs Pybus, Harrow

“Dear Sirs, After recently purchasing a Petite Elite Chair, I feel I must write to express my delight and satisfaction with this product. The chair is very comfortable and the heated massage definitely helping with my circulation, breathing COPD, muscle fatigue and I have cramp in my foot once instead of three or four times a week. A special mention to Steve Ward whose informative demonstration and patience in explaining my questions was first class. The installers were very professional, polite and extremely careful not to cause damage when delivering. This is the best investment I have made, and you have really changed my life. Thank you Arise Mobility, yours sincerely”

Mrs Reed, Burnley

“Dear Sir/Madam, I received my Standard Elite Chair on 05.01.2017, and although I have only had it for a few days, so far I am very pleased with it. First of all I would like to say that the young man call Jonathan who rang me and asked if I would mind answering some questions about my health, was very polite and easy to talk to. I then had another call and I arranged for a demonstration to show me what the chair could do. The salesman who did this was Mr Steve Dalton who was professional, polite and easy to talk to. He went through everything the chair could do for me. I have also spoken on the phone a few times to Mr. Arun Chand Executive Sales Manager who was also very polite and easy to talk to. Last but not least I would like to say that the two men who delivered my chair Raj and Ram are a credit to your firm. They assembled the chair, showed me how they connected the plugs, wiring etc. Then while I sat on the chair they showed me how to work the controls”

Mrs Travis, Stalybridge

“The workers were very pleasant and respectful and seemed to be enjoying their work. I highly recommend them to anyone needing their services”

“I have just bought a mattress from arise mobility the delivery was excellent and it’s a lot easier getting out of bed once I have had a massage from the mattress .I would recommend the mattress”

Mrs Stobbs, Portsmouth

“I would like to thank you very much for the service of making my chair as it has made a huge difference to my life as it is helping my legs and body and I just love the massage on it is so relaxing when I am in it.

Major was very nice and explained how it worked as I am registered blind and he also explained how the controls worked. There is only one thing about it is the controls have no markings on them for a blind person so perhaps this is something that you can work on, other than that I am really pleased”

Vicky, Worcestershire

“Regarding the bed it is very comfortable. I spent half my life in bed and if I could stay in it all day I would. After 40 years working this is my rest, so I am taking as much as I can!”

Graham, London

“I am writing to say how much I’ve enjoyed my new Sapphire Supreme bed from Arise Mobility. It’s support and memory foam is excellent. The wave and pulse massage has been great help for my back, plus the low noise from the motor system is very good. The excellent and detailed demonstration by the agent showed me the benefits and the different controls. Also the second time when the bed was delivered and installed, a good service from everyone. I highly recommend Arise motionbeds”

Eril, London

“Dear Ray, thank you so much for introducing me to my Arise Mobility chair, I am very pleased with it. Thank you also for disposing of my old chair. I am very grateful that you do your job so well”

June, Surrey

“I am writing to tell you I have found that the Sapphire Supreme bed gives me a good night’s sleep and helps with the cramp I get in my legs, as well as my other aches and pains”

Dorothy, Kent

“On the 24th October I ordered one of your beds and it was delivered last Friday. It was long overdue and I am so glad I chose Arise Mobility. I tell everyone about my lovely bed, even my cat loves it. It is so much easier to get out of bed to. My spine will never get any better due to the trouble I have with my discs, but I am sure it will ease my discomfort. I also want to thank Jas and Raj for coming all the way for me, they are two wonderful lads and it was much appreciated. I don’t know how I managed to sleep in my old bed for so long (40years), but this is bliss and thank you for the extra pillow”

Penelope, London

“This chair and bed has massively improved my mobility I can’t believe how easier it is to walk than before”

Mary, Doncaster

“Brilliant purchase just brilliant!!”

Derek, Coventry

“Love my chair, so comfortable and easy to use.  Danny was charming and so patient with me”

Enid, Scunthorpe

“With thanks for your donation of £41 (collected by office staff) for the poppy appeal. Thank you”

Doreen and Geoff, Royal British Legion

“Thank you for your recent correspondence and very kind donation of £51 (collected by office staff) towards the work”

Compton Hospice, Wolverhampton