There’s nothing more comfortable than adjustable recliner chairs

lady-relaxing-electric-rise-recliner-chairThink about all those activities you do when sitting down; whether it’s studying, browsing the Internet, sitting in the garden or reading a great book. For the unfortunate sufferers of back pain, it’s difficult to take pleasure in such activities. Unfortunately, back pain is a common ailment that many of us are prone to.

To prevent or minimise back pain, adjustable recliner chairs are invaluable as you can adjust the chair so that your lower back is fully supported. Easy to use adjustable chairs such as the electric recliner chairs available from Arise Mobility enable you to change height, back position and tilt. Massage options also offer further help as they improve your blood circulation and soothe away aches and pains.

To ensure comfort, always ensure that your knees are level with your hips if you want to sit upright. A footrest can help with this, as it keeps your feet at a level that’s comfortable. However, with Arise Mobility’s adjustable riser recliners chairs, you can simply flick a button and the footrest will rise to your comfort level. Remember not to cross your legs when you’re engaging in activities that involve long periods of sitting down. Crossing your legs affects circulation and can cause hip problems. Also, keep your posture and back straight and well supported at all times – something we often forget to our peril when we’re concentrating!

When participating in activities that involve sitting down, we often take the comfort of our chair for granted. Or maybe you feel that your chair just isn’t supportive enough! To fully enjoy those ‘sitting down’ activities, back pain most be avoided at all costs. It’s amazing how a few good habits can make all the difference to minimising the discomfort of back pain. A comfortable adjustable recliner chair should be a vital element in your plan to prevent or beat a bad back.

Safeguard your health by investing in a comfortable, relaxing adjustable recliner chair with Arise Mobility. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of electric adjustable chairs and can help you identify the most appropriate chair from our high quality range.

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