Ways to relieve back pain using Electric Recliner Chairs

Ways to help back pain  

Back pain is extremely common, and most people will experience it at some point in their lives. Backache is most often felt in the lower back, although it can affect sufferers at any point along the spine, from the neck right down to the hips.

Treating on-going backache

Often a short course of painkillers will help to ease symptoms; however, more acute or chronic back pain may require alternative treatment. The following may help to ease pain and speed recovery:

  •  Keep active, even if movement is uncomfortable. Gentle exercise such as walking or swimming can really help in the long term
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol when needed (see your GP first)
  • Use hot or cold compression packs to help ease backache. A hot water bottle or a bag of frozen vegetables can work just as well as pharmacy-bought packs
  • Physiotherapy or osteopathy may help to reduce stiffness, improve movement and reduce pain levels
  • In really extreme cases, spinal surgery may be required to alleviate chronic backache

Making life more comfortable

Introducing new fixtures, fittings or specialist furniture to your home may also help to make life living with back pain more comfortable.

Electric recliner chairs, for example, allow you to sit comfortably while you read or watch television and adjust your position so that your back is supported. You can move the chair into a horizontal position if you feel like a nap, and when it comes to standing, the touch of a button will move you from a standing to a seated position and vice versa.

Arise Mobility’s electric recliner chairs distribute your weight evenly so that there is less pressure on your back, joints and muscles. Adjusting your position will help to prevent stiffness and the ability to stand easily will counter the temptation to remain seated for long periods. Contact us for more information about Arise’s extensive range of electric recliner chairs.




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